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About method
The Pilates Method is a system of exercises designed to return people to their natural state, to re-teach them to move as they were able in childhood - easily, freely, softly, to make their bodies flexible, strong, enduring, and the spine - healthy. and mobile.
You will soon be able to transfer control during exercise into everyday life, therefore, improve its quality. Pilates, as a fitness area, is completely safe and suitable for absolutely everyone, regardless of gender, age and physical form, if you do it consciously and with an instructor.

Medical research confirms the effectiveness of Pilates in relieving back pain and headaches, recovering from spinal injuries, previous operations on the knee, shoulder and hip joints, combating arthritis, arthrosis, osteoporosis, and the method is also effective in forming new neural connections, strengthening nervous system and increase immunity.
Mission of the studio
"The Contrology exercises build a strong body and sound mind, suitable for performing all daily tasks with ease and perfection, as well as providing an enormous supply of energy for sports, recovery and extreme needs."Bringing Back to Life Through Counterology, Joseph Pilates.

Mission of the studio:We strive to ensure that as many people as possible feel good.
The studio's trainers are working to make the daily life of our clients a little easier:

  • remove back and joint pain,
  • teach how to move so that the load is distributed correctly,
  • add lightness and smoothness to the movements,
  • remove constraint and limitation,
  • teach to relax.
All of this releases some energy for everyday life.

Posture is a habit of the body. The habit of standing, walking, reacting to different events in life through the nerve clamps in the body. Wrong habits lead to aggravation in the bends of the spine (lordosis, kyphosis - which is not considered by doctors to be incorrect posture, just an aggravation of the natural bends of the spine), as a result of which the joints are deformed and pain appears. Posture is the pivot and basis of the whole organism and all human life. People are used to walking incorrectly and believe that nothing can be done about it. Therefore, the maximum that people are ready for is going to sports clubs and pumping muscles.

But pumping muscles does not relieve pain, since the reason remains unchanged.

It is on posture correction that we place our main emphasis. We work with you on posture correction. And we create NEW POSITIVE HABITS for our clients . We restore the body and restore vigor and joy of life.
About the Creator of the Method - Joseph Pilates
Joseph Pilates (German Joseph Pilates; December 9, 1883, Mönchengladbach - October 9, 1967, New York) - German-American sports specialist, inventor of the mental fitness technique, which he called Counterology, which in the future received his name: Pilates.

As a child, Joseph was very sick and often. Joe had asthma, rheumatic fever and rickets. He was often teased due to his poor health. This became the main motive for starting sports. When little Joe was 10 years old, he started doing gymnastic exercises. Joe was very fragile and weak, but regular classes did the trick, and at the age of 14 he became a handsome athlete. He soon became a model for anatomical drawings. Pilates devoted a lot of time to sports. He took up Greco-Roman wrestling, swimming and boxing. At a young age, Joseph thought about a training system that could ideally combine exercises that develop strength and flexibility in the body.

At 32, Joseph went to England and trained Scotland Yard detectives there. The training program included wrestling and boxing. At the outbreak of World War I, Joseph Pilates was captured. Despite the conditions in which he found himself, he continued to train. In the camp, while working in the hospital, he created a system of exercises for patients after concussions. To accomplish these, the beds were equipped with springs, belts, and pulleys. Subsequently, these beds became prototypes for modern Pilates machines. After the war, Joseph Pilates left England, lived for some time in Germany, and then emigrated to America in 1923, where he opened a studio with his wife. The studio was located in the building of the New York City Ballet Center. Pilates has developed rehabilitation programs for dancers, soon a huge number of New York dancers were recovering from Joseph's injuries in the studio. This place quickly gained popularity among dancers, athletes, and actors. Despite the fact that Joe drank, smoked, and ate whatever he wanted, until his death at the age of 87, Joseph Pilates remained in great physical shape.

After his death, Pilates became obsolete as an exercise system . Joseph did not raise followers; for each of his students, he offered an individual set of exercises, based on the injuries received, the characteristics of the body structure and lifestyle. He believed that his system would die with him. But the Pilates followers did not let the system die. In 1970, his student Roman Kryzhanovska opened the Pilates studio and managed to make the method popular. Among her students are Madonna, Patrick Swayze, Tom Jones, Jodie Foster, John Travolta and other celebrities.
After some time, each of the Pilates students made their own additions to the methodology, they opened studios and schools around the world and continued the work that Joseph had started.
Today, more than 10 million people around the world practice Pilates exercises. Joseph was the author of many materials, but all that remains after his death are 2 books. Unfortunately, the rest of the material burned down in his studio.
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