Pilates is the way to body health!
You can attend group classes, choose a personal workout, or work out with a friend, colleague, husband, adult child in a duet workout format. In addition, you can combine attending group classes with personal trainings to achieve results faster: in a personal lesson, the coach will work with you according to an individually prescribed program, and in a group lesson, step by step, improve the technique to fulfill the original repertoire of Joseph Pilates in the future .
The Pilates method is one of the areas of mental fitness . As in any other system, in order for it to be effective, it is necessary to follow a number of rules and principles.

The "Introduction to Pilates" program is designed in such a way that you will learn about the principles of the method, go through the basic starting points, learn to listen to yourself and maintain "alignment" while doing the exercises.
The basic package is 3 personal workouts in which you learn the basics, learn to synchronize movement with your breath and listen to yourself. The basic course involves working on a mat and studying the basic positions: lying on your back, on your stomach, in a knee-wrist rest and on your side.

Advanced package - 3 workouts on the mat and 3 workouts with small and
studio equipment: fitball, roll, spine corrector (foam roller, fitball, spine corrector). In group lessons, various kinds of additional equipment are often used. "Familiarity" with these types of equipment in personal training will help you better know your body,
feel the range of motion, learn to feel the equipment you are working with, and work in training for the benefit of yourself.
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Personal work with a trainer guarantees getting results faster and training more efficiently than when attending group classes. Firstly, the trainer constantly monitors the process of performing the exercises, ensuring the correct movement and the inclusion of the necessary muscles; secondly, the training program is designed specifically for you, it takes into account the needs and goals of the client, features (past injuries, operations, physical fitness and level of training, lifestyle). The coach selects the level of load and exercises you need; uses equipment to help you feel better about your body.

Thanks to personal work with each workout, you will feel better, healthier, more energetic.

Even if you choose to take 30 minutes in a personal format, you will see an improvement in your well-being and the results of your work rather quickly.
The hardest part is always to start. Learning to devote 30 minutes a day to your own health is easier than finding a free hour. Start with 30 minutes a day and after 2 weeks you will feel better.

Pilates for lunch is a 30-minute class, created especially for everyone who is very busy and after work there is not a minute of free time; for those who "live" at work, but can jump out to workout at lunchtime; for office workers who spend the whole day in an uncomfortable position at the computer.

Lunch Pilates workouts are mainly aimed at:
relieving tension in the muscles of the shoulder girdle and cervical spine;
strengthening the back muscles and creating an inner corset;
prevention of carpal tunnel syndrome;
improving blood circulation in the brain and preventing headaches;
improving posture and reducing stoop.

After training, you will feel lightness in your body, feel a surge of strength and good mood, and besides, your back and joints will no longer bother you.

Find 30 minutes a day for yourself, and within a month you will want to practice more and more often.
Duet training is a group training format for two people. You may have different needs, but you can practice together. If you want to train with your husband or child, with a friend or colleague, then duet training is exactly what you need. The coach monitors the correct implementation of the exercises, can give more complex exercises that are not given in group lessons.

Since during duet training you can feel freer and more relaxed, you can go deeper into the sensations of your own body, and thanks to constant control from the instructor, you will perform the exercises correctly and safely, which means you will see the result faster, and you will go to training with great pleasure!
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