Why Pilates?
Pilates is the way to body health!
"Bringing Back to Life Through Counterology" by
Joseph Pilates
"The ability to focus is inextricably linked to the ability to coordinate their actions. Thanks to the method of controlling the body (due to the fact that you will consciously perform the movement), your sense of the body will increase significantly. "
Recently, the most popular areas of fitness have become yoga, Pilates and stretching. Due to the low power intensity, these areas of fitness are in demand not only among young people, but also among the older generation.

Let's see what is the difference between the Pilates method and stretching, because most often these areas cause the most questions.

The choice of direction for regular classes always depends on the tasks that the client sets for himself, choosing between stretching and Pilates, the level of physical fitness does not matter. Let's look at the differences and features of these areas of fitness.
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Stretching features

Stretching - stretching translated from English. The main thing in this workout is stretching the muscles. These workouts contribute to the development of joint mobility, allow you to lose weight, and draw the relief. The overall effectiveness of the exercise consists of:
1. preventing the violation of lymph outflow;
2. Improving blood circulation by relieving muscle tension caused by stress;
3. relaxation.
Regular exercise results in softer, more graceful and feminine movements.
The key to success, and the main condition is to do everything without pain. Take a pose and hold it for at least 20 seconds. At this point, the classes are a bit like yoga, but without spiritual principles and philosophy.
Features of Pilates
Pilates is a fitness area named after the founder of the method, Joseph Pilates .

Pilates is a system of exercises that aims to strengthen the internal (stabilizers) and external muscles (motors) and bring the two into balance.
Joseph Pilates created his method as a rehabilitation system for dancers and athletes. To create their own method, some of the exercises were borrowed from yoga.
Pilates training, in contrast to stretching, takes place in dynamics. Due to the dynamic approach, the capabilities of the body of each client are significantly expanded:

1. Endurance increases;
2. Motor functions are significantly improved;
3. Develops flexibility and mobility;
4. Strength increases;
5. Coordination improves.

There are also differences in the conduct of classes: during stretching, you do not need any equipment, and in Pilates, a lot of workouts are carried out using various equipment that teaches the body to move correctly. For this, both small (balls, rubber, isotonic ring, stratch-eze band, core band, toning balls, fitballs, rolls (soft roller, foam roller)) and large equipment (wundachair, spine corrector, reformer, tower) Working with large equipment gives more opportunities for feeling exactly how the movement occurs and controlling it, while small equipment teaches the body properties and characteristics, due to which the client gives more importance to details and concentration. a picture of how our body moves in everyday life.
What to choose: Pilates or stretching?
If you choose between the two options, you need to proceed from your needs, goals, opportunities and limitations.

Stretching is effective when working out individual muscles, but without a systematic approach, it rarely gives a good result and its long-term preservation.
Pilates works with the whole body , synchronizing the work of the brain and muscles, therefore it has a broader effect. In addition, the workouts are varied and interesting. Pilates has a beneficial effect on the work of all organs and all systems of the body due to the inclusion of deep muscles, it allows you to practice at home online, no less effectively than in the studio; both in groups and individually.
Thanks to the work of strengthening the deep muscles, natural flexibility appears in the body, while maintaining the stability of the joints.

Summing up, you need to remember that basically the client wants to tighten the body and feel better. If you have a goal to lose weight, then you should choose Pilates. It will allow you to achieve results faster due to the presence of strength and endurance exercises in the system, and will also quickly allow you to become more mobile. In addition, at Pilates you will correct your posture , improve your physical and psycho-emotional health.
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